The Best AI Voice Generator

The Best AI Voice Generator In November 2022

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The Best AI Voice Generator

If you want to create your own human-sounding voice on your computer or smartphone, then you need to find a top-quality AI voice generator. There are a few factors that you need to consider, including the accent and language of the voice.

You should choose a voice generator that speaks your language and has similar accents to yours. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable using it. The best AI voice generator should come with an extensive library of accents and voices to choose from.

Best Ai Voice Generator / Murf

If you’re looking for an AI voice generator, you’ve come to the right place. Murf lets you record dictations, voice-overs, or text in any language and converts it into an incredibly realistic voice.

This tool is great for anyone from educators to corporate coaches to podcasters. Because it’s AI-based, it generates a natural-sounding voice for your work. You can play with punctuation, change pitch, and add emphasis to your recordings.

The Basic plan is free and gives you access to almost all features. You’ll have full HD video quality and 60 AI voices. You can also upload up to 200 MB of videos. For most users, the free plan is more than enough.

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You can upgrade to the Pro plan for eight hours of voice generation per month and up to 400 MB of uploads. However, the basic plan’s AI voice output is not as accurate as some competitors.

If you’re using Murf, consider the prices. The basic plan is $13 a month; the Pro plan costs $26 per month. The Enterprise plan, on the other hand, is $167 per month. The enterprise plan includes a grammar assistant and collaboration capabilities.

All of these features make Murf one of the best AI voice generators on the market. For this price, you’ll be able to enjoy a wealth of voices, including African American voices.

Another factor to consider when choosing an AI voice generator is the accent and language of the voice. If you don’t speak the same language as the accent of the voice generator, choose a different one.

This will make it easier for you to get accustomed to it. The best AI voice generator should also have a wide selection of accents and voices. In addition to these two factors, the best AI voice generator will allow you to customize your own voice to suit your needs.

Besides Murf, another popular AI voice generator is Speechelo. Speechelo is a text-to-speech application that includes inflections to create a natural voice. While it’s not as versatile as Murf, Speechelo is still one of the best AI Voice Generators on the market.

Moreover, it has both male and female voice models in its database. Besides reading texts in any language, the program also features a grammar assistant and AI grammar checkers.


If you’re looking for an AI voice generator that’s intuitive and delivers lifelike results, the Sonantic AI voice generator is a promising solution. With its high-fidelity speech synthesis, Sonantic can create realistic voiceovers with the ability to adjust tone and intensity.

You can even import existing scripts and manually enter dialogues. The software can also produce new scenes and rework your storylines for optimal emotional delivery.

Another AI voice generator is Notevibes, a web-based tool that can convert text to natural-sounding voice samples. The user interface is easy to navigate and features a text box on the homepage for the input of text.

Users can select the style of voice they want and the speed at which they’d like the converted text to be played back. The service supports up to 201 distinct AI voices and over 60 languages. Its free and paid versions allow users to download speech in MP3 or WAV format.

For non-player characters, such as robots, the AI voice generator can create the voice. While this technology does not replace the need for real actors, it can help creators create more expressive, emotionally expressive artificial voices without the need for expensive voice actors.

Developers can listen to dialogue before it’s recorded and change it if necessary. While it’s hard to imagine using voice-on-demand technology to create voice-acting, it’s already being used by many studios to create memorable characters.

The AI voice generator was developed in collaboration with Kilmer’s team, which developed an autobiographical documentary about his battle with cancer. Sonantic met Kilmer’s team during the development of the documentary and provided them with a model of his voice.

This model of the actor’s voice enables him to communicate in a voice easily recognized by his fans. During this process, Sonantic incorporated new techniques and algorithms into its Voice Engine to create lifelike voices.

The software can be customized by choosing an avatar’s voice, language, and accent. It’s also easy to integrate into other tools or services. You can choose between a monthly plan and a one-time fee for unlimited use.

However, it’s worth noting that pricing varies from $49 to $199 per month. In addition, it is possible to request a quote for a team of developers.

Resemble AI

The Resemble AI voice generator lets you create and edit your speech. With it, you can create voice clips that mimic your favorite celebrity, or add various accents and dialects to read texts.

You can even add various local languages for more options. And unlike the previous solutions, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge or huge data sets. If you’re looking for a high-quality voice generator that can deliver the right emotions, Resemble is an excellent choice.

The company has two main products, Resemble Clone and Resemble AI Voice. The former targets the entertainment industry, while the latter focuses on audiobooks, animated films, and virtual reality.

The experience with Resemble is similar to that of Lyrebird, a company acquired by Andrew Mason’s Descript in September. Lyrebird allowed users to record statements using dynamic prompts and cloud-hosted algorithmic models to create bespoke digital voice profiles.

Resemble AI voice generator uses machine learning to generate synthetic voices from the text. It can mimic the voice of an individual or clone it to suit your needs.

This deep-learning algorithm produces a deepfake voice that is similar to the person’s actual voice. As long as you can get a decent match, it should be a good choice for most businesses. The software comes with free trial versions and prices in USD.

Resemble AI voice generator has a Basic Plan and Pro Plan. The Basic Plan costs $13/month and includes up to 24 hours of AI voice generation a year. You get 60 voices in 10 languages and commercial usage rights.

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You can also get email and chat support, and download as many voiceovers as you need. If you’re looking for more features, the Pro Plan is more expensive but offers higher quality and higher speed.

The Resemble AI voice generator has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to create lively voice expressions and adjust accents and tones to suit your needs. You can customize the intensity of emotions as well.

The software’s editor also allows you to copy text and convert it into audio, making it easy to create and use. You can even create your own unique voice using this tool. You can create a professional-quality AI voice in no time!


Woord is an AI voice generator that creates highly expressive voices in a variety of languages. You can input text to create a voice, or paste a URL to generate a speech file.

The tool comes with a large library of custom voices that you can choose from. There are dozens of voices to choose from, as well as male and female voices. Woord offers 50 different voices in 21 languages, and you can sample each one before making a final selection.

While there are many different options for AI voice generators, Woord stands out for its superior accuracy. It can understand most languages and add regional accents. The Woord AI voice generator is an exceptional tool for professionals and developers and has thousands of satisfied users.

Its user interface is simple to use, and it can handle multiple projects at once. It also offers additional functionalities, such as video editing and collaboration, which you might not find in other voice generators.

Sonantic is a popular choice in the entertainment industry. It features highly expressive speech and allows you to control the tone, emotion, and pace of generated speech. The program works intuitively and can transform the text into an authentic voice in just a few minutes.

It also offers several voice performance parameters, including volume and pitch, so that you can use the voice to deliver a message. Once you’ve chosen a voice, you can preview it in real time and adjust the pitch and intensity as needed.

Woord is also a great option for large teams that need high-quality text-to-speech audio. The AI can understand the tone of the text and recreate the speech in an appropriate tone.

It’s capable of picking up punctuation and exclamation marks as well, allowing it to emulate human voices in various contexts. It also offers grammar assistance and helps you create professional-sounding voiceovers.

Another AI voice generator is Murf. This tool enables you to create professional-sounding AI voices for games, podcasts, and presentations. It has an extensive library of natural voices in 15 languages and is especially useful for educators, product developers, and podcasters.

It’s easy to customize and use, and provides a broad range of high-quality AI voices for all kinds of uses. Besides being an excellent choice for podcasters, Murf also offers a wide range of features that make it easy to customize the generated audio files.

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